Use rclone to copy data between Google Drive, OneDrive and other clouds

People backup a lot of data these days in the cloud: photos, videos, full system backups. Ideally, you wouldn’t trust a single cloud service as your sole off-site backup because you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. So having your data on at least two clouds is recommended. Uploading your data twice though would take more time for you.

You may also need to transfer or copy files between different cloud services such as Google Drive and OneDrive. The long and hard way is to download the files first to a local computer and then once that’s done, upload these files to the other server. The more advanced way to do it is rsync.

rclone is the rsync for cloud storage and the easy way.


Keypirinha + Everything = The Ultimate Windows Search

Navigating and searching through the Windows file system can oftentimes feel like a chore. Microsoft over the years has tried to improve the search capabilities of Windows but it still pales in comparison to the competition.

Power users especially developers have always tried to augment the native search features of Windows through third-party tools. Several Explorer replacements were introduced since the 90’s. None of them I liked because they are often not free and/or demanded significant system resources which is too much for a PC with average specs. The idea of replacing Windows Explorer was simply overkill for what is needed.


Hello World of Static Site Generators 2019: Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo

Do you wish your website loaded faster and more securely especially on mobile devices?

Do you dream of a true separation of your content from the design?

Do you want to future-proof your content, protect it from the whims of technological change and have it still easily readable 100 years from now?

Maybe you are frustrated by database maintenance, want to save money on server cost or you’re just tired of WordPress. ;)